Top 10 Command words for primary history activities

A simple way of ensuring that your pupils are thinking historically is to focus their activities using key command words. Too many tasks at KS1 and 2 involve narrating and  describing, What other forms of command words can we use to make sure that the thinking is likely to be historical? here are my top 10-there are more!

So,when did you last ask your pupils to

  1. Account for, explain
  2. Argue a case e.g. whay we need a statue for Mary Seacole
  3. Compare e.g. life for people of different levels of society/living at different times
  4. Criticise
  5. Debate both sides of an argument
  6. Distinguish between fact and opinio.
  7. Evaluate, e.g. how well a BBC video explains a key historical issue
  8. Judge How useful/reliable a certain testimony / source is or to what extent?
  9. Prove a ststament backing it up with well-chosen evidence
  10. Summarise the significance of a person’s achievements, a turning point etc.
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