OFSTED’s early EIF (2019) primary history deep dives: what do the first 3 months’ of reports tell us?

OFSTED  EIF (2019)  reports and primary history. What do the first three months of reports tell us?


Although there is even less detail in the new shorter OFSTED reports there are still some clear indicators of what OFSTED is expecting-whether they care to admit it or not!
Here are just 8 of the trends I have discovered from my trawl of the early reports where history has featured as a deep-dive subject.

  1. There is considerable attention to the careful sequencing of knowledge. (see my section on curriculum rationale on the website to prepare yourself for this)
  2. Schools are praised for having given thought to what pupils need to know by the end of given topics ( see how specific the key questions and learning objectives are on the medium term planning on the website)
  3. Schools are criticised for having no clear plan for how knowledge is built up and revisited
  4. Schools are applauded for using assessment effectively to monitor pupils’ understanding and preparedness to moving their learning forward ( see assessment section with a range of common assessment tasks which are easy to set up can be easily marked and used as evidence)
  5. Subjects leaders are being criticised for having no mechanism for checking that pupils are making the progress they should ( see section on progression)
  6. Schools are criticised for not making explicit to pupils links between subjects e.g. history and geography of the Nile area when studying Ancient Egypt
  7. Schools are complimented for finding ways of building subject expertise by working with local schools and organisations
  8. Mercifully schools are still being congratulated on providing site visits and special immersion days about which pupils unerringly speak enthusiastically and this always impresses the inspectors!

I’ll do this summary analysis again at the end of the Spring term to see if there are any subtle variations.

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