Making links in history at KS3: 5 simple questions to ask your pupils

5 quick and simple questions to help pupils make links in history at KS3


  1. When else have we come across a diagram like this to show how society was organised?
    Example: This occurred in a Y8 lesson on the Origins of the French Revolution. Pupils were shown a diagram of the Estate system which was similar to others they had seen. Most mercifully remembered the Feudal system from Y7. Some recalled simple diagrams to show the importance of the slave culture in Ancient Athens and a few even referred to Ancient Egypt.


  1. Do you know any other people wee have studied who controlled their image in this way?


  1. Can you think of any other leaders who were successful in war?


4.Which buildings would you say are typical of other periods we have studied?

When looking at conditions in industrial towns pupils focused on back-to-back terraced housing which were so typical of that time in history. The teacher then asked if they could think of any other iconic buildings that were typical of other time periods. Many mentioned half-timbered Tudor houses and wattle and daub medieval thatched homes but a few also broadened their answer to include castles. Some, recalling KS2 work offered pyramids.


  1. When else have we seen religion play such an important part in people’s lives?

Pupils studying the Reformation in Y8 looked back to the struggle between church and state that led to Becket’s murder. Some drew on their Y5 work on the Maya and others very imaginatively mentioned the coming of Christianity in Saxon times which they had studied in Y4.


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