Famous people at KS1- new resources from BBC

Over the last few weeks I have been approached by several companies bidding for the contract to produce animated films for the BBC Bitesize series aimed at a KS1 audience. They are making 20 of them. I thought it might be helpful if I let you know which significant figures are being covered, and my thoughts on the BBC’s choices.

  1. Anne Frank
  2. Boudicca ( always studied at KS2 and often taught in Y3 and 4 so not sure why she needs ti be in KS1)
  3. Charles Dickens
  4. Christopher Columbus. Lots of action and clear motives so a good  choice
  5. Elizabeth Fry. Obviously useful to look at a female figure but maybe best covered at KS2 within the context of Victorian Britain or the thematic unit on crime and punishment.
  6. Florence Nightingale ( already well covered, surely)
  7. Gandhi ( interesting choice but providing the context for this work at KS1 will be challenging)
  8. Henry VIII – surely well enough covered already -in every Key Stage
  9. Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Best tackled at KS2 within Victorian Britain or local  topic
  10. Marie Curie- a real challenge for Ks1 I would have thought
  11. Martin Luther King. Good choice- not studied again until KS3
  12. Mary Seacole- already well resourced, I would have thought
  13. Nelson Mandela
  14. Queen Elizabeth 1- same applies as no.8
  15. Queen Victoria
  16. Rosa Parks- good if combined with 11
  17. Samuel Pepys-already covered
  18. Stephen Hawkins- recent sad death has made more information available but I, personally would never teach him at KS1. I find it hard enough, myself, to comprehend his ideas, let alone explain his significance to 6-year olds.
  19. William Shakespeare- a real danger of trespassing on KS2 territory here
  20. Winston Churchill- covered to some extent at KS2 unit on Britain at War but as this is only optional many schools won’t cover it. So could justify a place at KS1.
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