Great new KS3/ GCSE lesson on Amritsar massacre looking at Gen. Dyer’s actions in the context of India and the Empire

Loading tomorrow is a great new lesson exploring the motivation of Gen. Dyer at Amritsar 1919. It starts with students analysing Attenborough’s treatment in the 7 min excerpt from Gandhi followed by a 2-part thinking skills activity. Students are given one set of influence cards which focus on rm factors and are then given some other cards which focus on broader issues to see if students can incorporate new thinking into their original thesis of why he acted as he did. Students prioritise the most significant factors. The last part of the lesson focuses on interpretations and changing historiography. Students are given resumes of 3 recent books that  offer a completely different perspective. Student have to plump for the one they find most plausible and defend their judgement with well-chosen evidence, drawing on the previous activities.

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