Banality of OFSTED’s KS1 judgements in history. They don’t know what they are talking about. Stick to your guns.

Sometimes you just have to say it. What on earth do they expect? reading through a number of OFSTED reports where history was chosen as part of the deep dive inspections, I was hoping to see some nuanced judgements and not just crude tick box approached to a series of statements from the Framework (EIF). It didn’t  take long before I grew incensed. The the following for example from an infant school-yes infants!
Pupils do not always connect the knowledge that they have remembered so that they are able to link historical events and understand historical concepts, such as ‘power’ or how  ‘democracy’ has developed over time. 

Really? Development of democracy over time at KS1? This is just nonsense for this age group and far more appropriate at KS3. Why does this matter? Well, its obvious. If  KS1 teachers start thinking that this is desirable then heaven help the poor children who would be denied. Fortunately the KS1 teachers I meet are far better informed than tick box inspectors. The sooner their nerveless fingers stop penning such nonsense the better for all of us.

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