Fun anachronism-spotting activity set in 1796, for GCSE History of Medicine

Most anachronism activities used in schools are the rather naff ones put before Y7 pupils in an introduction to What is History. You know the sort of thing: Roman soldiers wearing wrist watches.

This activity is different. Whilst based on a single image, it is set in a very specific moment in time i.e. 1796 when Jenner is demonstrating his inoculation technique. Around him are other figures in a hospital setting. Lurking in the picture are 10 deliberate mistakes, some of which are quite subtle. So you have mid-19century pieces of medical equipment which would have been unknown to Jenner.

Having spotted the 10 anachronisms- even more fun if you make it a competitive starter- students then have to find, also in the picture, the 10 objects/methods that WOULD have been used by Jenner.

All answers provided on the PowerPoint which also provides the image and an annotated copy showing where the 10 anachronisms are.

If subscribers would like a preview copy prior to uploading just email .

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