This lesson comes at the end of work the students have done on the Native Americans and their interaction with white settlers and the army. Students recall key events which they have to sequence and then to date, before trying to sub-divide the period into discernible phases. They are given an example produced by a history teacher to evaluate, before creating a visual timeline, colour-coded by phases that they have created for themselves.

Learning objectives

  • students consolidate their understanding of the chronology of the period with reference to Native Americans
  • they attempt to categorise the various events into phases
  • they evaluate others’ attempts to use simple memory aids to recall the distinct phases in sequence
  • they think creatively to produce their own memory aid, showing awareness that some changes were abrupt others gradual and being able to represent this graphically

 Step 1

Students are given a number of small blank cards in an envelope ready for them when they come into the room. As they settle, the instructions for the starter (PowerPoint Slide 2) are on the screen. They have to write down any events they can think of that relate to the Native Americans on separate cards in the

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