This lesson makes students active participators in the debate over Lenin’s contribution to the Russian Revolution.  It comes at the end of the students study of the period 1917-24.  Using a novel approach to the Day of Judgement at the Pearly Gates the lesson invites students to look at the case for and against Lenin, thereby honing their skills of advocacy and marshalling of supporting evidence. This lesson is based on one taught by Sally Beaman when at the Hurst School, nr Newbury.

Learning objectives

  • students can articulate a number of reasons why Lenin’s reputation was so high for so long
  • they can explain why he has been criticised
  • they can explain the changing historiography relating to Lenin in terms of the downfall of communism in 1990


Introduce the scenario of the lesson. Lenin has died.  Read slide 2. He was seen at the time as special.  Show slide 3.  He has since been seen as special – show slides 4 and 5.  But does he deserve that judgement?

Step 1

Show slide 6.  What do people think of him now?  To show how opinion has changed we are going to take Lenin to the gates of heaven and

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