This lesson focuses on problem-solving. Instead of simply telling students how clever Snow was, or showing them a video explaining his breakthrough, students have to see if they can spot the connections Snow made. Only when they have tried is the answer revealed.  Methods such as these really do make the learning go deeper.


Learning objectives

  • to look at the Broad Street map and see if they can see the patterns that Snow saw
  •  to understand how Snow made his breakthrough
  •  to grasp that people were slow to accept his ideas
  •  to understand some of the reasons for this opposition
  •  to apply their knowledge to interpret a contemporary cartoon.


Reveal slides 2, 3 and 4 setting the scene.

Step 1

Show slide 5. Can students see any pattern? Then move to slide 6. Any clearer?

Step 2

Now let the students loose on the complete map using copies of slide 7. Can they see what Snow saw? This opportunity for students to enquire for themselves, seeing patterns and making hypotheses lies at the heart of very good learning and outstanding lessons.

Step 3

Take ideas from the group and then show slide 8. Move onto slide 9. So

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