Long-term planning must be much more than listing the topics to be covered.  It must identify the main depth studies and overviews. It must show how the key skills, concepts and processes are kept in balance.  It must also indicate where the formal assessments are to take place. Only by doing this can you achieve a coherent view of the whole key stage experience.  I have found it useful to colour-code the particular sections of work which make a major contribution to the rest of the curriculum.  Better this than feel obliged to write a separate section in your handbook.  What is more, if it comes from the working plans it is much more likely to happen in reality. The ultimate test of course is the extent to which the long term plan drives the medium term.  It should give clear direction, explain emphasis, and keep things in balance.

The accompanying grid shows the sorts of issues that need to be considered at the long term stage. Most are self-evident but it is useful to have a checklist. The exemplar curriculum map (see image gallery and downloadable resource) gives some idea of what the new curriculum map might look like.

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