Ancient Greece: KQ4 part 1 role play on building the Parthenon

This full lesson is a role-play activity looking at Greek democracy in the context of the rebuilding of the Parthenon.

It starts with a link to the building of the Millennium Dome. In Ancient Greece, anyone who did not fulfil their democratic duties was called an idiot! Use this to encourage pupils to take part in a role play on whether the citizens of Ancient Athens should support or oppose the building of the Parthenon.

It is great fun and provides an excellent context for developing speaking and listening skills.

Would you want to be an idiot in Ancient Athens? Should the Parthenon be rebuilt? Have your say.

Learning objectives

  • pupils are able to articulate a range of reasons for and against the building of the Parthenon
  • they understand the importance of honouring the gods and goddesses
  •  they learn how a democracy works and how citizens, then and now, can act to influence decisions
  • they develop their ability to speak persuasively

Step 1

Explain the context of the lesson.  After battles against the Persians the Parthenon was burned to the ground and remained a ruin for nearly 50 years, until Pericles came along.

After the ending of the Persian

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