Here pupils are introduced to the idea of a society from a distant time about which very little evidence remains. This can be frustrating for pupils who crave a clear picture of this past society. To make it come alive for them we have invested time in selecting some key artists’ illustrations and written descriptions which pupils need to draw on in order to have to design a time traveller’s tourist trail. The focus is on pupils creatively using their three senses: sound, sight and smell. They must give advice to potential visitors telling them what to wear.

Image © The Salariya Book Company

Learning objectives

  • Pupils grasp that we have to rely on written accounts that come from a later period mainly four or five hundred years later.
  • They learn that the Dutch and Portuguese were impressed by the order of the city, especially of the palace which comprised about a third of the city.
  • Pupils are aware that evidence we have does not show how the ordinary people lived in villages outside the city as farmers, growers of yams and vegetables.

The main activity

Use slide 2 and 3 to introduce the main activity, to design a time

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