In the following activities, KS2 pupils learn:

a. that medieval justice was loaded in favour of the rich and powerful;
b. that if you ran away from justice you would be declared an outlaw and could be killed on sight;
c. that Robin Hood robbed from the rich, including the church, to give to the poor because society was very unequal; sheriffs made sure the law was obeyed; Robin Hood killed deer in the forest, against the law. etc.;
d. that medieval justice used fear of consequences to stop people committing crimes.

Suggested sequence of activities

Short re-cap on nature of medieval crime and punishment from KQ1. Then focus on the Robin Hood story

Start with a film clip from Robin Hood (not supplied on site). You can find a number on YouTube but we cannot licence these. Ask pupils to think about the main elements of Robin Hood’s story, gaining their information from either your exposition or the film clip(s).

Smart task 1. 

Ask pupils to sequence main episodes from his story. You will need to cut up the images on slides 2, 3 and 4 into sets of 9 individual pictures. You might differentiate this by expecting some

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