For many of you teaching the Anglo-Saxons will be something you are doing forte very first time. It is easy to get bogged down in a series of dates and events. The 6-enquiry question planner and the accompanying engaging fully-resourced lessons ensures that you cover the most important knowledge as well as building conceptual understanding. But just to put your mind at rest that you are teaching the w=right things, here is a checklist of 10of the most important ideas.

1. The Anglo-Saxons invaded for a mixture of reasons.

The Anglo-Saxons invaded for a mixture of reasons, often referred to as push and pull factors. Can they name one or two of each?( See lessonKQ1 for answers) You might like to point out to pupils that the Saxons were in fact just one of many groups of people who came to Britain during and after the Roman occupation

2. Most of the sources we have of this period are highly partial.

The Venerable Bede for example was very critical of the Britons. Gildas too was a monastic writer. Many of the accounts of the Vikings attacks were written by monks who suffered at their hands.

3. It was during this

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