A fun thinking skills activity in which pupils infer from visual clues before moving on to analyse a range of influence cards and evaluate a video before coming up with their own explanation for the Anglo-Saxons invasion.

This activity is part of a series of activities/lessons that are outlined on the Medium Term Planner with key questions, learning objectives, recommended learning activities and assessment for teaching the topic Anglo Saxon Britain.  The full planner can be found in the Medium Term Planning section of the website.

Push or Pull? What were the real reasons why the Saxons invaded? Anglo-Saxons KQ1a

Because of the relative lack of sources from this period (many a monk called Gildas) there are no truly definitive answers to why the Anglo-Saxons invaded, which makes it a great context for pupils to make their own meaning rather than learn say 3 standard reasons. Pupils here are encouraged to to think in terms of push and pull factors

Step 1

As the pupils enter the room they are told that on each table is a clue as to why the Saxons invaded. Their job is to find as many possible reasons as they can, just from the clues.

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