This lesson follows on from the decision-making role play ‘Why did Claudius invade?’  Pupils are now asked to create a written explanation good enough to beat a textbook. To do this, they get involved in a history mystery.  Following the debrief they then have to compose a better explanation of their own which they then compare with another Year 4 pupil’s answer.  If you would like to make this a short assessment task see the common assessment task, markscheme and pupils’ work in the Assessment section of the site.

PLEASE NOTE: There is some overlap with the lesson ‘Why did Claudius leave hot sunny Italy to invade cold wet Britain?’ but we have added some new resources with a specific focus on literacy.

Learning objectives

  • pupils can offer three valid reasons for Roman invasion with confidence
  • pupils evaluate a simple account in the light of what they know
  • pupils write a simple but coherent explanation, rather than just regurgitating a list (those who need more support will be able to complete two speech bubbles but more able pupils will be able to use terms such as probably, most people think, mainly, because)


Quick starter using slide 3, in which

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