Many colleagues who have been sceptical about assessing history at Key Stage 2 have been won over by this simple approach which aims to give good diagnostic feedback to you and the pupils by using a number of simple tasks.  We have provided some common tasks, for the topics Ancient Egypt, the Roman invasion, Boudica, Elizabeth I, England at the beginning of World War II, Women in Ancient Greece, Victorian Britain,Mayan society, and looking at changes from Stone Age to Iron Age. Tasks and mark schemes in Resources section below.

These tasks on  are all based on a strong visual stimulus and last a maximum of 20 minutes and pupils would complete just one or two per topic when the time is right.  This might be after the first or the third key question.  Each task focuses on one main objective, the one which is core to the topic.  You will see from the list below how each task has a different focus.  It is assumed that you will gather evidence of pupils’ understanding of chronology and quality of communication throughout all their work and therefore this does not need assessing

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