KQ2 Why did Florence place herself in such danger by going to the Crimea?

Who influenced her decision to go?

Already introduced to the major events in Florence’s life children speculate on why she took the brave decision to go to the Crimea.  Thinking creatively they discuss who might have influenced her decision and then have to decide who had the greatest influence.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils recall detail of her life from an earlier lesson and use that to work out her motivation
  • They can work out the main aspects of her character based on her actions
  • They can give two valid reasons why she went to the Crimea
  • They can explain one of two people’s influence on her decision.

Step 1

Recap on main events in her life, quick table top sequencing activity in groups leading to creation of class washing line with pictures on to act as visual reminder throughout the session.

Step 2

The focus is now on motivation. Why did she put herself in danger ? Pupils speculate as to possible reasons, based on what they already know about her life and character.

Step 3

Children put their understanding to the test. They are given a ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ choice of 4 possible reasons why she went.

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