This lesson was kindly provided by David Cowie and his team at Ringwood Infants C of E School.  Their theme for a three week block was Nursery Rhymes.  Particular sessions were used to trial specific thinking skills approaches.  In this case they looked at Jack and Jill.   David is the brave man in the shorts and bandaged head!  As you would expect, the lesson was planned as part of a cross-curricular topic, with considerable links with literacy and technology.

Learning objectives

  • to use clues to establish who the character from the nursery rhyme might be
  •  to identify features from a nursery rhyme in an unfamiliar picture


To introduce the unit, the three Year R teachers dressed up as nursery rhyme characters (Queen of Hearts, Jack and Little Bo Peep), with appropriate props.  They  then acted out the key action of the rhymes (but Jack had forgotten who he was, of course). See slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation.

Step 1

The children then had to work out who the teachers were meant to be using the clues from the costumes and the information from the rhymes which had recently been read aloud.  Each rhyme was then explored for rhyming

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