Mary Seacole – KQ5 – What made Mary so special?

A short session aimed at generating adjectives to capture the special qualities that Mary had and to provide examples of where she exhibited those characteristics.

Learning objectives

– Pupils can list at least 3 adjectives to describe her distinctive character
– Pupils understand that Mary was exceptionally kind and comforting but was also dynamic.
– They appreciate that Mary paid her passage to the Crimea and was determined to go despite being rejected as a nurse.
– She was brave, even visiting the soldiers on the battlefield

Step 1

Start with the opening slide of the PowerPoint projected. Pupils have generate a list of adjectives in small groups. Log a few of their ideas on the whiteboard. To extend their thinking and to ensure that all pupils are involved, ask them to work with a partner on the next two activities.

Step 2 Activity 1: Odd-one-out

Pupils are given 6 sets of three adjectives/character traits on slides 2-7 of the PowerPoint presentation. In each group of three there is an odd-one-out. Can they find them? Once you have checked their answers and sorted out any misapprehensions move on to the next activity.

Step 3 Activity 2: Give me an example.

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