This is an account of a lesson taught by Sarah Duck, now a Leading Primary Teacher. She combined high quality story telling with drama to ensure that all children in the class had a clear sense of the sequence of events in the lead up to the Gunpowder Plot. She used the life of Guy Fawkes as the means of holding the story together and moved the children around the room to represent the various episodes in Guy Fawkes’ life.

Learning objectives

  • children can describe the various stages in Guy Fawkes’ life leading to the discovery of the plot and his subsequent execution
  • children can interpret other children’s mimes and carry out one of their own


The children were shown a series of images to do with Bonfire Night and were asked questions to elicit prior knowledge. This was a good way of tuning the children into the new language they were to learn as well as giving some sense of period.

Step 1

The children were told that they were to hear about Guy Fawkes’ life in four separate parts of the room. Each part represented an important stage in Guy Fawkes’ life. To start the story the

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