What was so special about life on the Titanic? KS1 enquiry

What was so special about life on board the Titanic? and was it the same for everyone? KQ2

In this enquiry pupils play Prove it! using a gallery of images to test the evidence and who said that? to explore diversity on board ship.  Creatively, they design their own advert pointing out what was so special about this ship and write an informed postcard home from a specific passenger.

This enquiry comprises three motivating activities:
1. Prove it/ Gallery
2. Designing an advert
3. Who said it?

Start this enquiry by showing slide 2 which is an advert for a voyage on Titanic’s maiden voyage.  Can children think why the Titanic might be thought of as so special at the time and why so many wanted to travel on her.  There are some clues in the picture  (Latest, Finest, Largest, First voyage)

Step 1

Now help pupils to get a sense of what life was like on-board by explaining how there were three different categories of passengers, each having access to different facilities. Use slides 3-6 to give a quick overview and to establish a sense of awe at the sheer opulence of the first-class experience, compared to life in

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