Columbus – KQ1 – Why do you think we still remember Christopher Columbus, even though he’s been dead for 500 years!

Pupils are in the role of history detectives. They are given 8 progressively revealing, mainly visual, clues in a controlled predetermined order, to elicit ideas as to why Columbus is famous. After each clue, pupils are given 30 seconds in their groups to come up with an idea. When a consensus has been reached, you jot down their ideas on the white board around the figure of Columbus, using his projected portrait from slide 2 of the PowerPoint.


Learning objectives

  • Pupils are able to makes simple deductions from the individual visual clues
  • They then show an ability to link their deductions to build up a picture of Columbus’ achievements
  • The higher attaining pupils are able to relate his discoveries to a period from the past, about 500 years ago

Step 1

Explain to pupils that they are going to be history detectives. They will piece together clues that start to explain the reasons why Columbus is famous, even though he died 500 years ago! Look at clue 1 together, projecting slide 2. What can pupils see? As well as saying that he lived in the olden days with funny clothes, some will refer to the globe. More important

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