Grace Darling – KQ6 – How should we remember Grace Darling?

This last key question of 6 on the medium-term planning, focuses on her legacy and why we should commemorate her. It introduces pupils to a number of ways in which people are remembered before inviting them to use their creative imaginations to come up with a suitable idea of their own.

Learning objectives

  • children can mention some appropriate ways of commemorating a famous person’s life and achievement
  • they can offer valid reasons for their choice
  • they can produce a suitable illustration, with appropriate relevant period detail

Step 1

Ask children in pairs to briefly discuss how we remember people who did special things.  Accept as many ideas as you like from them, before showing them the second slide from the PowerPoint presentation for this session.

Step 2

Can the children identify what each of the images are and then discuss which one would be most appropriate to commemorate Grace’s achievements. Ask them to work in pairs initially and make a decision as to which is the best idea. Vote for each, giving a mark out of 10 and explaining their decisions to each other as they go along. You will need to eavesdrop on their conversations

Is there anything missing

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