If you have ever asked children in Y1/2 to write a postcard home as if it were from Victorian times you’ll know the problem.  After hours of your time teaching the topic and creating the beautifully authentic postcards, all you get in return is: “Having a lovely time, playing in the sea and sand.  Hope Mixxy the cat is alright. See you soon.  Natalie”.  This lesson makes that a thing of the past !!

Learning objectives

  • children are able to identify at least three period-specific features of a Victorian seaside holiday
  • they are able to write an authentic postcard describing a day on the beach, free of anachronism

Step 1

Introduce the idea of a postcard home, written 100 years ago, describing a seaside holiday.  Explain that it must sound as if it is not just yesterday.  It is difficult, but you have a way of helping them. Show slide 2 on the PowerPoint which shows an artist’s impression of a late Victorian/Edwardian scene.  Ask the children to quickly play ‘fastest fingers first’.  Working in pairs using a copy of the slide (black and white if necessary), they have to find as many things to do with the seaside as

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