Florence Nightingale – KQ4b – Florence Nightingale’s days are numbered. Brilliant cross-curricular History and Mathematics

Every so often you see an inspiring example of history and numeracy working together seamlessly.  Such a lesson was taught by Ros Boulton of South Farnborough Infants.  She wanted her children to do far more than draw a simple timeline of Florence Nightingale’s life.  She wanted them to make one, and to scale!! This was ambitious – all that glue and scissors! – but also highly successful as you’ll see.  Mathematics inspectors saw the lesson taught later and agreed that it was a superb example of great Mathematics.  To help you to visualize the lesson I have included a PowerPoint slideshow of the 11 images I took when Ros and the children were at work.  I am grateful to the talented staff at South Farnborough infants for their inspiring ideas and permission to share them with a wider audience.

Learning objectives

  • children grasp that Florence Nightingale’s life can be divided into distinct phases
  • they can consider the advantages of different mental methods for calculating the relative length of each period
  • they can produce a timeline of their own, cut to scale
  • they grasp that the most significant period of her life was actually the shortest.
  • they appreciate that Florence was
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