Caxton and Bell – KQ5 – Why was Bell’s invention so important, then and now? Bells and whistles!

Pupils write a plaque to go on the side of a new statue that has been built to commemorate Bell’s achievement in response to government’s offering a prize to the school who can come up with the best plaque. But they can use only 25 words.

Step 1

It will be difficult for pupils to think about the significance of Bell’s invention unless they have thought about the limitations of the technology to send messages in the 1870s. Slides 2,3 and 4 give pupils a brief overview of the telegraph and what was involved in sending a telegram. Immediately, pupils can see the drawbacks. A quicker, cheaper system was required. Up steps Bell.
Slide 5 shows how important his invention was, with 5 billion phone users across the world

Step 2

Bell’s was clearly and astonishing breakthrough and a major achievement which had enormous benefits to mankind. So, he deserves a statue and some words of praise. But there is room for only 25 words on his statue. It is really important that pupils think very carefully about what is most significant. There might be a tendency to write just anything they remember, whether really significant or not. To guard

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