This short, fun activity using mime and props, tells the story of Amy Johnson’s first flight to Australia in a way that children will never forget.  Each of the 8 steps of the story has its own mime and props (we provide the ideas, you the actual props!).  Having heard you tell the story (outline provided as RS1 below), pupils work in pairs to re-tell it to another pair of pupils using the mimes and props they have learned as well as the words. If they have been successful the listening pair should be able to re-tell the story to another pair. Then let them have a go! I guarantee they will all remember it. Clearly, for children with learning difficulties, they might want to start with fewer steps and then build in more as they grow in confidence and accuracy.

The accompanying support sheet RS1 breaks down the story into 8 simple constituent parts, each with its own suggestion about suitable props and mimes. I wouldn’t dare suggest to infant teachers that these are better than your own ideas – but I know they work and children enjoy using them.

The task itself requires little explanation other than

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