Teaching history

It is no accident that this is the second largest section of the site. Each of the 9 sections shown on the right hand side of the drop-down menu plays an important part in helping to improve the quality of history teaching in your school. Whether it is the section on the teaching process, features of outstanding lessons or simply how you select fit for purpose strategies, you will find concise summaries of recent international research, presented in an easily accessible form.

Probably the jewel in the crown is the section entitled 100 Great Ideas. I am confident that you will return to this section time and time again and will always find something fresh and innovative. These are actual examples of strategies that have worked successfully. The quality of the thought, as well as the imagination, behind the ideas will immediately strike you. We all need to extend our repertoire of effective strategies, but this needs to be done with regard to the impact on learning not just being gimmicky for the sake of it.

Further sections of the site deal with three areas that have come under close scrutiny recently: teaching enquiry, developing chronological understanding and teaching interpretations.

The section on the use of ICT and film is particularly interesting in that it looks at the rich opportunities opened up for use of digital images. The laptop linked to the LCD projector or whiteboard has added an important dimension to the starts of lessons in particular.

Before too long new sections will be added on using museums, the built environment and historic sites in teaching history.

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