In this short starter smart task students are given two contradictory accounts of the start of the Korean War, both emanating from Korea. But which account do they think is more plausible and which extract goes with which book? Students look for loaded language and other contextual clues and then have the answer revealed.

Tell the students that you have recently been sent two textbook accounts (RS1) explaining the start of the Korean War. Unfortunately they give very different views and you’re not sure which to believe. Ask the students to study both sources and to give their own view AND the reasons for their choice. If students are finding difficulty you might offer them an annotated version (RS2 ) which draws students to the more revealing sections of the text. This could be displayed when analysing the content of each account. Discuss students reasons in detail, pointing out the loaded language.

Now tell the students that a scanned photocopy of the front cover of the two books to which the excepts belong has just arrived in your inbox. Can the students predict which account is which? Reveal the answer on slide 4. Close this brief activity by reminding students

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