£2.2. million to be spent on time-saving curriculum materials in hist, geog and science

Sounds great doesn’t it. Even better when you realise that the money is to fund school-based initiatives rather than  top-down material generated by DfE. (Remember the QCA schemes of work-God bless ’em).

But be careful what you wish for.The proposal is designed to reduce teacher workload           hurrah!) by developing road-tested materials and an associated pedagogy for teachers to adopt .The materials that the fund will generate must be “knowledge-rich, and have teacher-led instruction and whole-class teaching at their core”.

I can hear your hearts sink. Why on earth can’t the DfE understand the simple distinction between curriculum content and pedagogy. By forinc the material to be delivered in a particular way you are far more likely to alienate most self-respecting teachers who then go off and do their own thing-just as they always did. Another opportunity , and loads of money, wasted.

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