Keystage History primary school reviews

What do primary colleagues say about keystage history?

For the History subject leader this site is as close to a national treasure as you will find. Fabulous guidance and support; up to date advice and ideas, and the lesson ideas – wow! The lesson ideas provide everything the non-specialist primary teacher needs to help them develop into a top quality teacher of top quality history. Becoming a member was easily the best decision I have made as a History leader and the single decision that has had the most impact on the raising the standard of History teaching and learning in our school. Jason Redmond, Headteacher and history subject leader, Flixton Junior school, Manchester (October 2015)

Can we renew again please. It is such a brilliant resource that we can’t do without it now! Thank you. Pippa Taylor, Malden Parochial Primary School (September 2015)

Thanks to your great ideas our Mayan topic was a huge success. We found your resources to be very helpful and easily accessible. The plans were really detailed and the children enjoyed their learning. We combined your ideas with others and our Literacy plans also ran concurrently with our History so whatever they were learning about in history, fed back into their writing. The outcome was a set of fantastic books. Ben Trew History subject leader, Michael Drayton Junior school (May 2015)

The lessons are great and I’m loving teaching them. Karen Davis, Salford Priors, Warwickshire (May 2015)

Thank you for such a great website with fantastic resources. You have transformed my teaching of history. Cherry Hegarty, Liverpool College Prep School (April 2015)

Just wanted to let you know that the Benin topic is going really well. Children are very inspired. Anna Pavard, Aqueduct Primary School, (February 2015)

I’m currently using the Benin planning which is excellent and really exciting the class. Thanks very much for the materials for the new lessons. Rachel Bower, Woods Foundation School (February 2015)

I’ve been history coordinator for a year now and the difference is tremendous thanks to you and your website. Sally Rawthore, Highfield Hall Primary School (February 2015)

The resources relating to Early Islamic Civilisation  have been invaluable this term. Each question encourages pupils to use higher level thinking skills as they compare, contrast, assimilate and evaluate evidence. Pupils have been inspired by the activities and well prepared for their visit to the Islamic Culture centre in Berwick Street, London. Many thanks to Neil Thompson for the support he has shown us as we introduced this exciting and relevant new topic to our school curriculum. Eleanor Baston, St Josephs RC Primary School Guildford (December 2014)

I subscribed to the website on the 7th November and wanted to say a huge thanks, it’s making a big impact on how I lead the subject at my school. Ruth Thomas, Clerkenwell Primary School (December 2014)

I received an ‘outstanding’ grade when using your ideas for lesson 2 of the Mayan planning – so thank you! Alison (November 2014)

So glad I persuaded our school to join this web site. I love the lessons, which are history skilled based rather than much that is about which is just research and learning facts. I did the Sutton Hoo lesson for an observation when we had a visiting Ofsted Inspector supporting our head with monitoring. He was most impressed and really pleased that he could see the skills being taught. I got as near to outstanding as he ever gives as did my colleague who also did a lesson from KSH. What is great is the support from Neil, who is amazingly quick to respond to any queries. Paula Luxton, Mere Primary School (October 2014)

Very excited by this early Islam topic. I love the ideas in your planning and the lessons are really inspiring! Margaret Fahey, St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Waltham (October 2014)

Can I thank you for your wonderful work which has been absolutely invaluable to me as a non specialist in charge of History. Cherry Hegarty (October 2014)

Just wanted to let you know that the History lessons have gone so well. The children love the challenge of a question as a framework and this leads to all sorts of other questions. The ppt and slides have been printed off and adapted to my class . They have really worked well in partnered work and group work and this is leading to lots of Art, Drama and English work. I couldn’t have asked for more really. I wasn’t looking forwards to losing my Victorian topic to the Stone to Iron Age but it has really been a joy. As a school, we are really keen on having a site licence for the resource. Gill Kenny, Bathwick St Mary Primary School, Bath (October 2014)

I think your website is fabulous. Suzanne Andrews (August 2014)

Fantastic website – a really intelligent and investigative approach to history. Liz Ogilvie (August 2014)

The site is very comprehensive, mapping out excellent resources and class activities and suggesting effective assessment strategies. These support materials are varied and so will facilitate different ideas and teaching practices. This is an excellent resource! Rebecca Reid, Christ Church Primary School (May 2014)

I just want to say what a fantastic resource the site has been for us. As a school we have a commitment to thinking skills and try as much as possible to make our History teaching skills based rather than reliant on the acquisition of knowledge. The outstanding lessons are great and are very adaptable. Susan Roberts, Deputy Head, Stephen Perse Foundation Junior School (September 2013)

The Keystage history website has been of great use and the children have particularly enjoyed the lessons that I have used. Anna Brown, Arkengarthdale Primary School (August 2013)

As a history co-ordinator at a primary school I have found the Keystage history Online website an incredibly invaluable resource in helping me in the role of history co-ordinator and in supporting my colleagues. It is clearly laid out and covers all aspects of history teaching and learning, in an-in depth yet very user friendly way. These include areas such as progression, assessment and inclusion. I cannot recommend the site highly enough and have just subscribed for another year. Many thanks. Liz Greenhalgh, History leader Morley Memorial Primary School, Cambridgeshire (November 2012)

I find the site invaluable. I rate it excellent in virtually every category. I have also incorporated the individual lesson plans on the site and the ideas from the planning into a complete unit of work. Rebecca Hann, Assistant Headteacher & Senco, Thomas Walling Primary School (September 2012)

I was initially inspired by a couple of fantastic lessons from the Outstanding lessons section. I tried them out with my Y1 / 2 class and they worked an absolute treat. The resources and photographs really got the children thinking and sparked their interest. Looking more generally at the site, the lessons are relevant, fun and interesting and it’s also nice to have lots of advice about how to improve my teaching in the Teaching Approaches and other sections.  Claire Bradshaw, Glendale Infant School (May 2012)

Key Stage History is a fantastic resource for both the skilled and unskilled practitioner. The important elements that every teacher recognises are pulled together into a central area that is regularly reviewed and updated. The quality of the Outstanding Lessons section is second to none – it is a very rare occurrence to be able to pick up a lesson plan from a website and teach it as it is written knowing that all pupils are likely to make progress. Finally, you know that somebody who has ‘been there, done it and got the t-shirt’ is at the end of an email willing to respond and develop on anything contained within the site. This resource is exactly what every subject needs!  Mike Mullen, Knights Enham Junior School Andover (November 2011)

Richard McFahn, Humanities adviser in West Sussex writes in October 2011
My first port of call when asked to work with teachers across the age range is always This website is simply immense. It has clear, sensible advice, training activities and outstanding lessons to download and use off the peg. I cannot recommend keystagehistory highly enough. It really is a treasure chest of brilliant ideas and offers practical solutions for all teachers across the age range. It covers every area you need to know about as a teacher, subject leader and a history adviser. It is like having your own on-line expert always available at your finger tips! The subscription is money very well spent.

I’d like to resubscribe.  It’s brilliant.  Eliot Watkins, King’s College Junior School (June 2011)

Alexandra Wilson, St Aubyns School writes (December 2010) I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for providing such an excellent and resourceful site.  I am in the process or re-writing a scheme of work for Year 6 pupils and have found your site not only informative but extremely useful in terms of resources.  My pupils loved the lesson on the Victorian census!  We had great fun and the class really developed enquiring minds! Thanks!

Sarah Atherton, Deputy Headteacher, Belleville School writes (November 2010) We have spent a lot of time talking about how we develop an understanding of what history is with staff and how we develop historians in our classrooms so reading the subheadings on your site really struck a chord!  I also really liked the comprehensive nature – looking at curriculum design, planning etc and the sample outstanding lessons were great and I could really see how they would work in our school both for the teachers and the children.

I signed up for Keystage History looking for some guidance and support after being appointed as History Coordinator at my school.  I’ve found it a really worthwhile investment, and have found the ‘Outstanding Lessons’ and ‘100 Teaching Ideas’ sections particularly useful when trying to generate innovative lesson ideas. (October 2010)
Jon Whitely, History Coordinator, Baden-Powell and St Peter’s CE Middle School

I used lots of the Ancient Greece lessons last year. The children enjoyed them especially the debate lesson on building the Parthenon and history detectives. I especially liked the pot lesson as it helped to increase their observation and deductive powers. The children loved finding out about history by looking at the pots. We had a Greek day and they debated sending the Parthenon marbles back or not. They thought it was great. (August 2010)
Linda Martin, History Subject Leader, Tiptoe Primary School, New Forest.

Key Stage History is a fantastic resource for primary school users. Apart from the ‘Outstanding’ rated Ofsted lessons with resources (covering most KS2 topics) there is a good range of medium and long term planning centred around the all important Key Questions coupled with Learning Objectives.  For the subject leader/coordinator there is even more. A wealth of (up to date) information covering progression (an Ofsted concern at KS2) and assessment with excellent resources.  A must for any primary school! (August 2010)
Sarah James, South Bersted CE Primary School

I have been truly inspired by the inspirational and creative ideas, and the resources are fabulous.  Teachers are so busy that it is great to have things at our finger tips and to try and adapt for various classes and year groups. (June 2009)
Lorraine Gribbon, Portishead Primary School, Portishead

What infant teachers say about Neil Thompson’s work in their schools


Neil inspired teaching and non-teaching staff to bring history life finding innovative ways for them to experience it. Neil is passionate about the importance of the right kind of history teaching and expert at imparting that to teachers and children. History in our school is richer as a result of Neil’s input.
Miss Helen Fletcher Davies Headteacher South Farnborough Infant School

Neil Thompson has always been able to enthuse and inspire those he works with. He has always made clear that his priority is to make children’s learning of history more fun and more purposeful, and to make teaching it equally enjoyable and effective. He encourages progress, judging exactly what the next steps for a school or individual are and showing a clear path for how to get there. Neil works particularly imaginatively with children: his creation of exciting tasks shows a genuine understanding both of how children learn and of what appeals to and motivates each age group.
Sarah Duck, History subject leader and Primary leading teacher, Bursledon Infant School, nr,Southampton

What do KS2 teachers say about Neil’s work?


His ideas for planning, subject management and assessment in history, which I have introduced to my school, have been copied by other subject leaders because they are so ‘user friendly’. Neil has worked tirelessly to develop resource packs which address key questions for all of the history topics. They are full of excellent teaching strategies, including ‘Thinking Skills’ and are designed to really challenge children to become true historians in their own right.
Julie Tzivanidou, Primary leading teacher, Cove Junior School, nr.Farnborough

Neil’s advice on ensuring high-quality medium-term planning for history has been impeccable…The INSET day he ran for us was jam-packed with creative ideas, which have been successfully applied throughout the school. A course he ran on thinking skills was described by history leader as ‘brilliant’.
Eleanor Beale, Headteacher, Denmead Junior School, Hants

As a headteacher of a primary school, I frequently sought Neil’s services in the planning of exciting, child-friendly history activities. Neil tailored the writing objectives from the Primary strategy for each year group to the history topics. This had a substantial impact on Standards of writing through my school, which were praised in our OFSTED inspection ( May2007). ..I attribute the popularity of history with pupils to the impact of Neil’s enthusiasm and clear direction .
Alice Wood , Headteacher of St.Albans School, Havant

His new website is a MUST for subject leaders and history teachers no matter what. We all know how much time can be wasted searching for the perfect resource or looking for new inspiration, well look no further! Neil’s website provides a whole range of support, ideas and ideas for lessons, written for teachers by teachers and using examples of real life practice.
Kathryn Price, History subject leader and Primary leading teacher , Crescent Primary School, Eastleigh, Hants

I cannot recommend Neil’s work highly enough. He has vast subject knowledge and a strong understanding of how children learn at Key Stages 1 and 2, and the staff loved working with him! Most important of all, he made the learning fun.
Julie Mullane, Colden Common Primary School, nr. Winchester

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