In this lesson students have to persuade others to become a highwayman and then have to work out why they would have stopped. It is highly active, involving students in card sorting classification, and prioritization activities. I would like to acknowledge that the inspiration the teacher used for this lesson came originally from Ian Dawson’s excellent website . If any of you do not know about this site, then shame on you!  It is a real gem.

Learning objectives

  • students understand the reasons why highwaymen developed in the 1700s, can classify them, and can distinguish between major and minor causes
  • they can recall a range of reasons and explain why they were significant
  • they can also offer reasons for their decline

Step 1

Play Stand and Deliver by Adam and the Ants, (now on YouTube) quietly in the background as pupils arrive. Then steer them through the first few slides of the PowerPoint which do no more than set the scene. You may want to add more contextual information depending on how much you have covered so far.

Step 2

Now divide the class into two. One half are already highwaymen. The other half have to be persuaded to become one.

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