Was it the Manchurian or the Abyssinian crisis that spelled the end of the League of Nations?

There is a website that offers GCSE students this essay but at a cost. It is fairly accurately called www.cheat.com. We don’t want to cheat, and we certainly don’t want to pay so let’s do one of our own. This lesson really makes students think about the consequences of the Abyssinian crisis in depth before asking them to compare with Manchuria. Two cartoons are looked at in detail to show public opinion in 1935-6. A range of historians’ views are used to add weight to the view that it was Abyssinia, but students are encouraged to consider alternative views, including the fact that it might be neither!

Learning objectives

  • students consolidate their understanding of the Hoare Laval pact
  • they can explain why the Abyssinian crisis was so damaging for the League
  • they can explain why the Abyssinian crisis was more damaging than the Manchurian one
  • they can evaluate their answer in relation to others.

Step 1

As students come in they see a simple cartoon on the screen which they have to discuss in pairs. (Slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation)

Step 2

Quick feedback on this and then straight into a harder British cartoon about the Hoare Laval Pact

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