This is the first of two lessons on transportation and owes its genesis to an idea from Richard McFahn when an Advanced Skills Teacher for history in Hampshire. It starts by revealing clues connected with the topic, one by one, to arouse students’ curiosity. They then explore a set of statistics about transportation in order to raise questions of their own. Examples of high-quality questions are then discussed, before giving students answers to them. The teacher then explains how widely transportation was used and why. The lesson finishes by anticipating the focus of the next lesson, based on data given.

Learning objectives

  • students make deductions from a range of sources
  • they learn to raise good historical questions of their own
  • they develop the ability to test and support hypotheses
  • they deepen their understanding of the limitations of evidence.


Have slide 2 showing as students come into the room. It is an image showing what was wrong with the Bloody Code. Students have their own paper copies or work on the Whiteboard. They are asked  to identify specific parts of the image relating to the failure of the Bloody Code, specifically how the unruly nature of public executions led to

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