Medieval England

crusadesAs medieval history is taught mainly in Y7 in UK schools, this represents quite a departure for GCSE history teachers.  As all boards have to comply with this, that means there is strength in depth, especially regarding resources.  All boards take a different slant, of course.  Some focus on the Normans, others on King John.  Here are some typical medieval questions that appear on the draft specification specimen papers.

‘The changes to the feudal system were the greatest change the Normans made after the Conquest.’ How far do you agree with this statement? AQA
‘Edward I’s greatest achievement was the changes he made to the English legal system.’ How far do you agree with this statement? AQA explain why the wool trade was important during the reign of Edward I. AQA

Lessons on each of these questions will follow shortly.

Medieval Britain: The Crusades

Great lesson on the reasons for the First Crusade which uses a Zone of Relevance activity to show students how to answer the question set, not the one they want to answer.  This is followed...
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