How have cartoonists portrayed the Liberals Old Age Pensions reforms?

This lesson takes a familiar cartoon but gives it an original twist. Instead of seeing the cartoon all at once, students see it in four separate parts, which in pairs they have to draw in turns. This helps them to focus on the details and just adds a touch of variety. Having QUICKLY created their copy of the cartoon they then set about analysing it and writing their own expert caption.  This lesson is based on an original idea from Steve Rollett, Head of History at Noadswood School, nr Southampton.

Learning objectives

  • to study a political cartoon closely commenting on all the detail included
  • to analyse the messages that the cartoonist is trying to get over
  • to make a judgement about where the cartoonist sympathies lie


Start the lesson with slide 2 on display, so students know the lesson is on Old Age Pensions and can see the date etc.  Then engage the class with the photo of an old man on slide 2.  Ask the question, Is this man a pensioner?  Clearly students’ first reaction will be a straight yes or no, so then ask them which questions we need to ask in order to establish this. Using

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