This lesson, taught to a group of poorly motivated Y10 students followed a description of events leading to the February revolution of 1917. The overarching question was ‘Why was the Tsar overthrown in 1917?’ , but this lesson focuses on the effect of the First World War.  To make the learning more fun, students had to do a simple mime/charade to help visualise each effect, which the other students had to guess.

Learning objectives

  • to consolidate students’ understanding of the long-term causes of the revolution
  • to help students to demonstrate an understanding of a range of reasons why the Tsar was overthrown
  •  to understand the role the war played in fomenting discontent and why historians consider it a crucial turning point
  •  for most able students: to analyse an essay to see if it is worth an A*, and improve it in areas where it is weakest, including repetition and ‘wordiness’

Step 1

Students have already covered the events leading up to the fall of the Tsar and are now going to analyse the reasons behind it.  To do so they are to work in threes or fours on the various reasons.  They are each given a card with their reason

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