Teaching Pre-1066 thematic topic

What shall we do with Area 6 pre-1066 thematic unit?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Do you look at a topic that is not only engaging but one which is a great vehicle for helping pupils to understanding about change and continuity?
  2. Do you take an aspect that you know won’t have been covered at KS2, or deliberately revisit one at a higher level? If so what?
  3. Do you deliberately choose something social rather than political or religious?
  4. Do you try for an overview that gives pupils a better understanding of how KS2 as well as KS3 topics fit together in the long arc of history?
  5. Will you link it to a local study? E.g. changing landscape around us over time?
  6. Do you take a SHP GCSE-style development study approach to help pupils:
    a. Look back, from a Y9 vantage point, over all the periods covered
    b. Help prepare pupils for the KS4 thematic study
    c. Improve their chronological understanding?
  7. How do you ensure that you haven’t repeated a KS2 thematic study ‘beyond 1066’ chosen from 2014 by contributory partner primary schools?
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