Teaching Pre-1066 thematic topic

What shall we do with Area 6 pre-1066 thematic unit?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

❶ Do you look at a topic that is not only engaging but one which is a great vehicle for helping pupils to understanding about change and continuity?

❷ Do you take an aspect that you know won’t have been covered at KS2, or deliberately revisit one at a higher level? If so what?

❸ Do you deliberately choose something social rather than political or religious?

❹ Do you try for an overview that gives pupils a better understanding of how KS2 as well as KS3 topics fit together in the long arc of history?

❺ Will you link it to a local study? E.g. changing landscape around us over time?

❻ Do you take a SHP GCSE-style development study approach to help pupils:
a. Look back, from a Y9 vantage point, over all the periods covered
b. Help prepare pupils for the KS4 thematic study
c. Improve their chronological understanding?

❼ How do you ensure that you haven’t repeated a KS2 thematic study ‘beyond 1066’ chosen from 2014 by contributory partner primary schools?

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