Ancient Egypt – KQ5 Part 2 – After-life lesson KS2

Understanding the Book of the Dead: from page to stage

Using simple drama techniques to make a very old document come alive, this lesson involves pupils becoming the characters in the pictures of the Book of the Dead so that they can personalise what is going on.  By giving the story of the journey through the  afterlife a physical form, in the shape of Ani’s story, pupils  have a secure narrative on which to base later more thoughtful work. Having enacted the drama using Page to Stage technique, pupils then annotate the original image showing much greater understanding of what it all means.

Learning objectives

  • pupils understand the images used in the Book of the Dead
  • they grasp that the images tell a story of the journey to Osiris and the afterlife
  • they are able to annotate each important image and explain what part it plays in the story

Getting Started

Use the following steps in conjunction with the provided Downloadable Resources (links shown right) to deliver the lesson.  It is recommended that you practise a couple of times to discover how these instructions will best fit your style of teaching.

Step 1

Project image 2 from the PowerPoint presentation

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