Roman Britain – KQ4 part 2 – Is this another Roman villa?

NB Feb 28 2020. It has been brought to our attention this morning that the link to the video doesn’t work as the video has been taken down by channel 4. As this is an important resource for the lesson, and there is no direct alternative, you may need to think carefully before embarking on this lesson.

For this lesson pupils are in role as experts to help Tony Robinson’s Time Team.  He has seen aerial photographs that suggest there might be a villa nearby but none have ever been found there before.  He wants to know what to look for to prove it is a villa. Unfortunately, his expert is sick so he has asked the class to help!  Using a colourful painting, a series of weblinks and library books, pupils work in Time Teams, against the clock, to come up with ideas of what might have survived from a Roman villa – a great thinking skills activity.  After watching a short film they then have to design an I-spy page of four finds to look for in most Roman villas.

    Learning objectives

  • Pupils use their knowledge of Roman villas to speculate as to what finds might have been
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