This session focuses on the concept of change and continuity. Pupils learn of the major changes that came in the Neolithic period with the arrival of farming from the Near East. After a brief introduction, pupils are asked to look at 9 features of life in the New Stone Age. They have to work out which are the really big changes, which are small changes and which mark continuity from the Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic period).

Learning objectives

  • Pupils can locate move to farming on a simple timeline;
  • they can identify BIG changes that came in the New Stone Age (Neolithic period);
  • they grasp that hunter and gatherers were living alongside early farmers about 5,000 years ago;
  • they can explain the impact of farming esp. taming wild animals, growing wheat etc;
  • the most able can describe relative significance of each change.


Reveal slide 2. What 3 features can pupil’s see in this picture that tell us how Stone Age life started to change? They should spot the man behind the plough, the oxen pulling the plough and possibly the tree stump showing how woodland had been felled to make way for cultivated soil.

Step 1

Now show slide 3

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