Henry VIII on the money. The strange case of the one pound coin

This is not so much a full lesson as an introduction to the Break with Rome.   It revolves around the use of a pound coin.  Pupils do a rubbing and try to decipher the letters on a modern one pound coin .  But what does it say on the coin and what on earth has this got to do with Henry VIII?  Read on and find out!


Learning objectives

  • pupils should realise that major religious changes took place in Henry VIII’s reign which have implications for us today
  • pupils understand the terms Catholic and Protestant and the role of the Pope as head of the Catholic Church
  • pupils realise that something important must have happened for Henry to have fallen out with the Pope

NB This might be an expensive lesson as it involves pupils making a rubbing of a one pound coin.  I suggest one coin between two.  Make sure you count all the coins out and count them all in again, as if you need reminding!!!


Produce a pound coin from your pocket or purse.  An enlarged version is included on the PowerPoint to help you pick out the detail. Ask the obvious question, “You all

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