This lesson uses differentiated resources as a starting point to help children access the detail of man’s first steps on the moon surface at an appropriate level. I have marked the text to identify key actions the astronauts took, the children then have to work in groups to mime each of them.  Other groups then have to guess what the mime represents.  Finally the different mimes are put in sequence to create a movie, with commentary.

Learning objectives

  • children can identify separate key actions from a descriptive passage
  • they can create a simple still image of each action
  • they can interpret other group’s mimes
  • they collaborate in creating a class film of the actions with commentary


To arouse pupils’  interest, they are told that they will be making a film about man’s first moon landing.  Everyone will be involved in some way, as actors, producers, people who do the voice over etc.  But before we make the film we have to find out what actually happened.

Step 1

Show the children a sample of one of the four texts they will be using in their groups of three. These have been colour coded for ease of use.  Red is

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