Caxton and Bell – KQ2 – Quick the King and Queen are coming! How Caxton changed the way books were made

Having shown pupils how books were made before Caxton’s time, the main focus of the lesson is on how the new system worked. To prevent this being a dull session on technology, pupils are placed in the role of apprentices to Caxton who have to show off every stage of the new process to the visiting keen and queen, through a series of short mimes

Step 1

Explain how books were made BEFORE Caxton’s time and the main drawbacks of this method, using slides 2, 3 , 4 . These remind pupils that Caxton didn’t actually invent the printing press. Slide 5 then links the first two activities explaining that his printing press was so important that it attracted the attention of the King and Queen of England

Step 2 Main activity: Mantle of the Expert

Pupils are told that King Edward IV and his wife Queen Elizabeth are making a surprise visit to see Caxton’s new printing press, about which they have heard so much, as was mentioned at the end of the last session. What they want is to see how it all works. But poor Caxton doesn’t have much time to prepare: he needs back-up. Can the

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