This final KS1 lesson on the Toys topic cements children’s understanding of old and new in an interesting way.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils are able to make reasoned decisions as to what constitute old and new items
  • They can apply criteria to their chosen objects
  • They can create relevant captions which refer to criteria
  • Higher-attaining pupils can sequence their exhibits in approximate chronological order

Step 1: Story book

Read Lost in a Toy Museum by David Lucas to help children grasp the idea of a museum for those who have never visited one.  One night, when the lights go out at the toy museum, everyone runs off and hides.  Left all on his own, Bunting, the sensible old toy cat, sets out to look for them.  As he follows the trail of clues through the museum, the normally reserved Bunting learns how to have fun.

Step 2: Activity: Muddled curator

Start by explaining that part of the classroom/hall/corridor is to be given over to a class museum which the children are going to set up.  Tell them that an important museum curator is going to come to school to help them.  (This could be you in role-with suitable prop or an

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