Wot? No Victorians in Key Stage 2 history

Michael Gove was yesterday accused of planning to “airbrush” Queen Victoria from history lessons after a leaked draft suggested that he had omitted her from the new primary school curriculum.
A draft copy of the new programme of study for pupils seen by the Standard makes no reference to the Queen, who was Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

Stephen Twigg, shadow education secretary, said parents would be “flabbergasted” at the omissions. Teachers would too!!
The leak caused a flurry of activity at the Department for Education and a spokesman insisted that Queen Victoria would be included in the final history curriculum, which is due to be published shortly.
He said that the leaked copy of the curriculum was one of a number of drafts and added it would be “ludicrous” to suggest such notable figures would be left out.
We’ll see!!

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