What will be do instead of NC levels in history?OFSTED’s perspective

This week OFSTED gave us an insight into what it will be looking when inspecting school’s assessment systems, now that we no longer have to use NC levels.They will:
 spend more time looking at the range of pupils’ work to consider what progress they are making in different areas of the curriculum
 talk to leaders about schools’ use of formative and summative assessment and how this improves teaching and raises achievement
 evaluate how well pupils are doing against relevant age-related expectations as set out by the school and the national curriculum (where this applies)

So what are the implications for you?

1. Marking. What system will you use to give pupils clear, formative feedback? Will there be an element of summative feedback too?
2. Will you be working with colleagues within and outside school so that you are clear what national expectations are for NC history?

I will be writing much more about this later in the week. Read the full report for yourself from the OFSTED site

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