The new government’s history curriculum leaked!


If you’d like a little light relief from the worries of the impending doom Gove’s history curriculum, you might like to look at this site. A Cambridge student has come up with a spoof leak of Niall Ferguson’s plans for the history curriculum. He envisages 5 modules:

1.       How Britain made everything

2.       Empire Good? Or Great?

3.       From Churchill to Gove: Great men of history

4.       The history of TV history in which candidates wil be taught how to sensationalise events and be revisionist for the hell of it! Other skills include getting the most out of one’s media connections, and learning how to pull off the smug smirk of the self-assured  TV historian in front of camera. Don’t mention Time Team!!

5.       Who would win a fight between Orlando Figes and Robert Service.

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